We bought a house on 19 wooded acres in the town of Signal Mountain, Tennessee!  A mere 6 minutes north of Downtown Chattanooga and less than 30 minutes from 56 trailheads ...  


How did this happen?

Paul’s mother’s family holds a family reunion every year.  In 2016, they choose Chattanooga as Cousin Brenda and her husband Jay had just moved there.  The first drive from the airport to Brenda’s house basically sealed the deal for Sarah –  mountains, rivers, a Whole Foods, a Pilates studio, and a brewery.

Since 2016, we’ve been back to visit multiple times, made friends, and the more we visit, the more we want to live there.

We looked at houses seriously for about a year before we found “the house” in the Summer of 2018.

What attracted us to Chattanooga was the low cost of living (especially after years in San Francisco and New York City), outdoor lifestyle friendly, liberal/libertarian political culture, moderate weather outside of natural disaster zones, halfway between our families in NY & FL, no state income tax, and a burgeoning Tech scene.  We see it as the next hip-trail town (Portland/Austin/Boulder/Asheville).  In short, we're bullish on Chattanooga.


We're not the only ones bullish on Chattanooga... 

Outdoor Magazine called it the best town ever after it won Outside's Best Towns twice

The New York Times named Chattanooga one of the "Top 45 Places to go in the World"

Lonely Planet named Chattanooga "10 U.S. destinations you need to see in 2018"

US News Top #75 places to live

Livability’s #8 Best Downtowns

Bankrate puts Chattanooga at #21 in top states to retire

Safewise says Chattanooga is the 3rd safest city in Tennessee

Money Magazine calls Chattanooga one of the Top 10 Best Family Vacation Bargains in the US

Bassmaker names our local Chickamauga Lake the No. 2 Best Lake in the U.S. and No. 1 in the Southeast Division

Even Steve Case and Silicon Valley think Chattanooga is worth investing in


The answers to the common questions.. with love... 


Show me the house!

The listing does not do it justice - https://www.trulia.com/p/tn/signal-mountain/3542-w-rd-signal-mountain-tn-37377--2319376469


How much did you pay? (don't pretend you don't want to know)

$450,000 – Sarah thought it was a lowball offer as it was originally listed for $549,000.  However, Paul did his magic and the offer was accepted!


Have you owned before?

It’s Sarah’s 1st foray into home ownership!   Paul’s 3rd, but that doesn’t mean it’s not special.


When are you moving?

August 6th we are out of NYC.  We hope to be fully settled in by Labor Day Weekend


What will you do for work?

Sarah's job allows her to work remotely from anywhere on the East Coast – so she’ll work from Tennessee!   Paul will continue his consulting work remotely and explore new opportunities when snowboarding season is over.

Long term, there is an amazing and vibrant startup community in Chattanooga and we have a few ideas…


Do you know anyone there?

We’re incredibly grateful to Cousin Brenda and her husband Jay for listening, advising, and offering up their home as a launching pad. They've made it a little too easy to move.

We’ve also managed to make a few friends during visits over the last few years.   We’re also hoping to convince YOU that Chattanooga is new hotness.


This is a big change - are you scared?

We want it more than we’re afraid of it. 


Will you miss NYC?

We will miss our beautiful NYC friends, the food, the endless options of everything at all hours, and maybe most of all, the subway.  It’s also been great that so many of our non-NYC friends swing through NYC, which we don’t expect as much in our new fly over state.


Where do I send house warming gifts?

The greatest gift you can give is an extended visit to our new home.  Seriously, we have a guest bedroom on the opposite side of the house with dedicated guest bathroom!  We promise to have a hot tub by Spring 2019…


What's there to do in Chattanooga?

Having a plan and acting on it to advance our lives, regardless of the terror within, makes us legend
— Brendon Burchard